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  • Dr. McMurray's experience and willingness to thoroughly study my case led to a diagnosis that decades of doctors overlooked or dismissed. He gave my life a new beginning. ~ Kelly

  • I am so grateful to have had Dr. Shatley recommended to me to look at a suspicious mole. She became my "go to" Dermatologist on that first visit. And on the 2nd visit I "happened" to mention how I was struggling with arthritis in my hand. She told me that she just happened to know a good rheumatologist who happened to share her office, her husband, Dr. McMurray. She brought him in and he diagnosed me then and there. And the rest, as they say, is history. I'm with them to the end. ~ Sally

  • Robert eliminated my back pain and Miriam can spot a melanoma at a very early stage. Whats not to love about these two? They're also a lot of fun! - Robert

  • Dr. Shatley has been very professional, caring, and personal, I trust her completely. She is very thorough about checking me for skin cancers and done a fantastic job getting rid of my forehead wrinkles. In short, I love Dr. Shatley! ~ BP

  • I have been seeing Dr. Shatley many years for all of my dermatological needs.  She's great.  Dr. McMurray is a wonderful rheumatologist!  He has been very helpful in finding the best treatment for me!  ~Paula

  • Leah (Calder) is wonderful!  She is very compassionate and caring.  She did a fabulous job on my melanoma.  Despite her wanting to refer me to a plastic surgeon for the procedure, I fully trusted her and couldn't be more pleased.  I have recommended her to all my friends.  She is fantastic! ~Heather

  • Dr. Asher is great with kids.  After dealing with molluscum for months, I took my daughter for treatment and the quickly resolved.  I also have been very  pleased with Botox results and other aesthetic services at Belle Meade.  I highly recommend.  - KB